How to choose perfect Edge band

Resistance UV effect

Edgebanding should have a UV protective component on the topcoat in order to prevent colour fading. Due to excellent colour stability furniture maintain a higher quality for a longer period.

Scratch and high abrasion resistance

Special printing technique should make it almost impossible to scratch away the printed surface.

Resistance to chemical

Resistant to all common household cleaning agents. Used on Laboratory furniture for many years.

HD and realistic finish

Special printing technique using in-house produced tools to make patterns and wood grain look absolute realistic. Edgeband must have great variety of colors and if compared to any other real Oak, real Beech, real Maple or real stone-décor, no great difference should be noticed. Print should look more realistic.

Wide range of structures and patterns

The number of structures & patterns available should also help you to get the perfect matching to the laminate, particle board or even a veneer. It should make the edge feel like real wood.

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